The Importance of Studying the Bible Yourself

Learning to study the Bible for myself changed my life. I grew up in a Christian home and accepted Jesus as my Savior when I was 5 years old. After going to a Christian school and spending two years at a Christian college, I knew A LOT about the Bible. I could tell you the history of Israel from Abraham to their times of captivity and beyond. I had heard a zillion sermons on various passages and read tons of books about the Bible.

But when I stopped reading about the Bible and dove into it myself, I was blown away. I still get ridiculously excited when God reveals a new truth. I’m still amazed when I reread a story I’ve read many times before and God shows me something new.

I met Ellen Hopkins in a Facebook group to which we both belong. When I heard that she had written a three-part Bible study that taught how to develop the confidence to study the Bible for yourself, I knew I wanted to share them.

Ellen’s studies, Scripture Confident through the Old Testament, Parts 1, 2 and 3, gently introduce you to various study methods, all while taking you through key passages in the Old Testament.

Scripture Confident Through the Old Testament, Part 1

Part 1 helps you to develop the habit of Bible study and prayer, while showing you how to make basic observations, understand the importance of context, detect conjunctions and when and how to use cross referencing. While you learn these study methods, you will also be diving into the Old Testament from Creation to the judges.


Scripture Confident Through the Old Testament, Part 2


In Part 2, you will learn the fine art of interpretation, using outside sources and how to determine the implications of what you are reading. This study takes you through the united and divided kingdoms of Israel. Personally, I really love these passages because there is so much to learn from the parade of kings in the Israel’s history.

Scripture Confident Through the Old Testament, Part 3

In Part 3, you will learn how to apply what you are reading. You will also take a look at the various Biblical genres which play a key role in how you interpret and apply a passage of the Bible to your own life. Ellen also takes time to review what you’ve been learning. While you get Scripture confident, you’ll be studying about the captivity and restoration of the nation of Israel.


Get Started

While you can do the studies yourself, Ellen (and I), recommend finding a few friends with whom to go through these studies.

If you are thinking that there is just no way you could possibly have time to really study the Bible for yourself, the great thing about these studies is that you can do most of the daily lessons in about 15 minutes. Quite honestly, if you are too busy to spend 15 minutes with God, may I gently suggest that you are too busy, period.

You can find Ellen Hopkins at Scripture Confident Living where you can check out more of her resources. Personally, I’m super excited to have met Ellen (virtually, anyway) and find her Bible studies. I hope you’ll check them out, too!

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  1. Thank you for the shout-out, Rosanne! It’s great to have met another woman passionate about empowering women to study the Bible with growing confidence!

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