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Do you ever feel like you react to your kids rather than responding? Yeah - me too! While I have come a long way from my infamous days as a screamer, I can still become rather, ahem, shrill when I get frustrated or feel overwhelmed.

I don't know about you, but that really isn't the way I want my kids to remember their growing up years - with a screechy mom. So, I came up with this 5-Day Parenting Challenge to help us both find out what our triggers are. The idea came to me after reading a review copy of my friend, Amber Lia's new book, Triggers: Replacing Angry Reactions with Gentle Biblical Responses.

The Parenting Challenge is an email course that includes 5 days of emails, plus 5 free printables to help you identify both your internal and external triggers and come up with an alternative response plan, as well as, look at what your overall goals of parenting really are.

I hope you will join me. You can sign up by clicking on the graphic below.

Blessings, Rosanne

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