Best Laid Plans

I had this really great post all written out about my word for the year- CONTEND. I was going to tell you all about how I ordered my first set of Power Sheets (you can find them HERE) and how helpful they were in pinpointing some lies and a few deep-seated fears I was carrying around. Fears like the idea that maybe success would end up being too hard to keep and lies like financial success was somehow wrong or selfish or would make me less spiritual.

I also wrote about how I found my word through using another resource – Arabah Joy’s Grace Goals, a 5-day, Scripturally-based study on setting goals (you can find that HERE). I wrote about how the verse Deuteronomy 2:24 hit me like a mac truck and my word for the year was tucked into the text.

I wrote about how Moses was instructing the Israelites right before they went in to claim the Promised Land. I had all kinds of great points about how claiming the Promised Land wasn’t easy, and the Israelites had to fight or contend for the blessing God promised them.

I even found this picture that I loved to make my word of the year graphic. (I’m still planning on printing it out and hanging it somewhere near my writing area). I had this great statement of faith of how I was going to contend for my promised land and live out all that God had for me.



And then I got sick.

For almost 2 weeks, I dragged myself around, barely able to do the basics. I took 2+ hour naps almost every day. The goals and dreams I had carefully prayed over and written down with colorful markers were set aside.

It’s halfway through January, and instead of feeling on top of my game, I feel behind. The train of New Year’s resolutions has pulled out of the station, and I’m still on the platform without a ticket.

I am now feeling much better, and I was determined to tackle some things during this long holiday weekend (we have Martin Luther King Day off on Monday), but once again my plans got derailed. As I sit typing this, my oldest son is lying in the recliner after along day of puking. I think I have washed my hands approximately 518 times in my efforts NOT to catch the plague that has entered my house.

Instead of celebrating my mom’s birthday tonight,  I have a hot date with a gallon of bleach and some plastic gloves.

This was NOT what I envisioned when I sat down with my pretty Power Sheets and colorful markers. I expected to be on my way to achieving my goals, gloves on, knocking down the obstacles that were foolish enough to step into my way.

Reality bites, doesn’t it? 

I can feel my resolve falter and waver. I can feel the doubts and excuses creeping in. The enemy is whispering in my ear. Why not give up? It’s just too hard. You’ve failed already.

My gloves are lying in the corner, gathering dust.

Already – and it’s not even February yet.

Here’s the thing, though, when you choose to fight, you’re going to get knocked down. A real contender, though, gets back up again.  

Getting Back Up Again

Although it feels like I’m behind, there is nothing to stop me from getting back up and taking the next step forward.  As Lara Casey is fond of saying, “There is nothing magical about January 1.”

So, I’m going to pick up those gloves (after I thoroughly disinfect them, of course), and I’m going to start where I am.

How about you? Did your new year start the way you had planned or did life get in the way? I’d love to hear about it!

Blessings, Rosanne

2 Comments on Life Never Goes As Planned

  1. I think this kind of thing is SO NORMAL. The enemy knows exactly how to derail our “best laid plans.” But it is ONLY the twentieth day of January. You still have 345 days in this year to contend for your faith– and a whole lifetime to keep on using those battle strategies.

    Get back up again– that’s what I have to keep telling myself, too.

    Don’t let the lies get you down. Get MAD. You were all on track and now since you got sidelined a little bit, the enemy thinks he can keep you down? Ha! Don’t let him get away with that garbage. You’re an overcomer. 😉

    Love you, friend!

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