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I know we are all busy. Life is rushing by at a blurring pace. When you ask someone how they are, they tend to answer with a single word: busy. How would life be different, how would our relationships be different, how would the world be different, if we all decided to slow down? What if we all decided to practice the rule of five?


What do I mean by the rule of five? The rule of five (to me, at least) means taking five minutes to focus and listen.

That means, when my husband comes home, I take five minutes to focus and listen when I ask, “How was your day?” Too many times, I have called that question from the kitchen or my office, and only listened with one ear. More embarrassingly, sometimes I’ve not even listened at all, leaving me clueless.

That means, when my student comes up to my desk and holds out the paper or test or quiz that holds a letter they didn’t want to see, I take the time to stop what I’m doing, to look them in the eye and engage for five minutes.

That means, when my friend is hurting or tired or overwhelmed, I take five minutes to pick up the phone or jot a note or look them in the eye and listen. Not just with half an ear. Not with my mind on other things. Not with half glances at my phone. But to focus and listen and hear.

That means, when my neighbor shows up at the door, I don’t rush her off because I’m busy. Instead, I step out onto the porch and give her my attention for five minutes.

That means, when my kids are struggling or needing attention or a listening ear, I give them five minutes. Not minutes divided between a task or the computer or the phone or whatever else is tugging at me. But five minutes to look them in the eye, to see them, to hear them.

We are all busy, but we all have five minutes to give freely and wholeheartedly to someone else. Imagine a world where people took five minutes and gave it away?


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    • Thanks for stopping by Lesley! I’ve found that the five minutes I give so often ends up blessing me way more in the end! 😉 But it’s hard to do in this busy, whirlwind life!

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