Today, I’m joining Lisa Jo Baker for Five Minute Friday. This is when women from all over the world link up after writing for five minutes (no editing allowed!) on a specific word. This week’s word is “Glue.”

Five Minute Friday

This week has been one of those types of weeks – you know, where nothing has gone as planned and every word that comes out of my mouth just seems wrong.

I am doing a long term subbing job and had to start a week earlier than I had planned. On Tuesday, I found a cyber friend had lost her battle with cancer. 🙁 On Wednesday, my oldest son woke up throwing up. On Thursday, I spent my day running all over the place in some kind of Laurel and Hardy type farce over my car. No lie – I had not even gotten home from picking up the rental car the dealership gave me because they forgot to align my car and missed a bent strut from an accident, when the body shop called to tell me my car was ready. It would have been funny – if it hadn’t been.

Add to this, that somehow, all week long, I felt like I had been putting my foot wrong with everyone. Do you ever feel like that? I really hate to upset people or hurt their feelings. I’m not a huge fan of confrontation or conflict. Over the years, I’ve gotten better at this, but at my worst, I can dissect something I’d said over and over and tie myself up in knots over how my words might have been taken or perceived. I can get caught up in this even if I have no clues from the other person that there is even a problem. Instead, I torture myself over how I could have said it differently or if the person might be upset and just not telling me. I wonder if perhaps I should contact that person again and try to clarify or explain myself better (ever hear of digging yourself a hole – I would be the Queen Digger).

So, to say I felt unglued would be an understatement. It was an unglued type of week.

When I read the word for today in my email this morning, I thought how ironic it was that during a week when I felt everything was unglued, the word was glued.

As I sat and spent time with Jesus this morning, I realized just WHY I felt so unglued. With all the crisis happening this week and having to get up extra early, my hour with Jesus hadn’t happened. At all. That doesn’t mean I wasn’t shooting up prayers. But I certainly wasn’t doing any quiet, settled time with God. The result was a very unglued woman – me!

I also realized as I continued my Bible study on spiritual warfare, that that horrible feeling of saying the wrong thing to everyone was just another tactic from the enemy. He loves to isolate us, to separate us from the body because a solitary person is so much easier to take down than one in a group.

Because I had not been spending time with Jesus, soaking in His Truth, I had not even realized the sneak attack that was going on.

For me, the glue that holds it all together is Jesus. When I don’t spend that time sitting at His feet, I am just setting myself up to become unglued.

What things does the enemy use to make you feel unglued?

Blessings, Rosanne

4 Comments on 5 Minute Friday – Glue

  1. I hate those kinds of weeks and yes, it’s so easy to get distracted from the thing that holds it all together. The time spent with Jesus to refocus and heal us and help us as we go about being in friendships and doing life. It’s so easy to get busy and lose sight of that. Blessings to you for a new weekend full of grace.
    Alia Joy recently posted…Five Minute Friday: GlueMy Profile

  2. Visiting from FMF…I can certainly relate to not spending time in the Word when different things come up and change our schedule, or a sick kid is up in the night and throws my whole routine off. And I agree, that so often when I am unglued, there’s a relationship between the way I’m feeling and having time alone with the Lord or not. Thank you!
    Angela Parlin recently posted…Glue {Five-Minute Fridays}My Profile

  3. Thank you for stopping by Alia Joy. 🙂 Good thing grace is new every morning. The Lord knows how much I need that every single morning for sure! 🙂

  4. Rosanne, I know khow those weeks can be. Thanks for the honesty of your post. I am stopping by from FMF. The name of your post caught my attention because mine was “Broken and Restored” so glad I found your blog. Have a wonderful Easter weekend!…<…Cathy

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