I don’t personally know Kelly Minter, but I will be forever grateful to her.

In the months following my brother’s death, I did one of her Bible studies with my Sunday school class. I wasn’t in a place to really come up with my own lessons, and I had done several of Minter’s studies in the past. All of them had been excellent.

Minter is a quietly intense teacher, and her studies have space for both digging deep and quiet reflection. Stepping into I, II and III John was just what my tattered soul needed during that valley time.

It is always amazing to me that God brings what we need when we need it. In Psalms 119, it says over and over that His Word is our strength and our help. I know, for me personally, it was a deep balm that helped to heal the deep wound in my heart.

The Bible study came with videos that I showed in class, but you certainly do not need them to do the study (although they are very good!).

Minter spends the bulk of her time in I John which is the longest of the three epistles. I John can be a bit convoluted, so walking through the book with Kelly was a great way to dive deep and really get a lot out of it.

I have also really loved Minter’s other studies which include Ruth: Loss, Love and Legacy; No Other Gods: Confronting Our Modern Day Idols; and Nehemiah: A Heart That Can Break.

She has a new study that came out this fall that I am looking forward to doing called All Things New which is a study of 2 Corinthians.

So, what are some Bible studies you’ve loved? I’d love to hear about them!

2 comments on “When You Walk Through the Valley It’s Nice to Have Someone Go With You”

  1. Last fall my Bible study group did Priscilla Shirer’s Armor of God study. It was exactly what I needed right then, and it was just so good.

    Another one that stands out to me is Beth Moore’s study on James.

    • I love Priscilla Shirer! I will have to check out that study. I did Beth Moore’s James study last winter, and it was excellent, too! Thanks for sharing these suggestions!

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