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When the Israelites stepped into the Promised Land, their battles were just getting started. So many times when we enter our Promised Lands, the place God has been leading us maybe for years, it can sometimes seem like it is time to kick back and just enjoy the harvest of all our hard sowing.

The thing is though, if you’ve ever been around a farm during harvest season, kicking back is hardly the atmosphere. Instead, while it is true, the farmer is bringing in a bounty of blessing, it is hard work. There is nothing easy about it – even though it is a time for great joy and blessing.

The same can be said when we start living out our dreams. Sometimes, it’s just plain hard work. Today, I’m sharing about the hard work of dreams at the God Sized Dreams site. I hope you’ll stop on over and read about, and then stay to read some other posts about dreaming by other women who are not just talking about their dreams, but going out and following them!

P.S. I am currently doing a Bible study entitled Keep It Shut by Karen Ehman, so stay tuned for my new series coming next week about the fine art of Listening.

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